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Music is characterized by many positive qualities: It connects people of all ages and cultures, it relaxes and is fun, and at the same time it promotes learning and development in other areas in various ways. Making music is both a personal enrichment and a challenge. We offer the opportunity to experience these benefits of music, regardless of age and previous knowledge. It is important to us to convey the fun of making music together in addition to basic knowledge such as notation and rhythm. We respond to each student individually and coordinate his or her learning pace with him or her.

Early Musical Education

We would like to contribute to the development of your child through early childhood education and support through play. Supporting toddlers in the area of music has a positive effect on their general development, language and later on school. Making music together in groups supports the social skills of the children, they learn to pay attention to each other. We start with the early education from 4 months and continue until the early musical education from 4 years. Support your child, make music and sing together, and most importantly: Enjoy these moments!

Preparation for Music Studies

In order to study music today, you have to pass an entrance examination at a university. Because of the high number of participants and at the same time fewer places, the demands on the examination are very high. The exam consists of a practical and a theoretical part. The preparation for the practical part is done by the subject teachers. The theoretical part is done by Klaus Müßeler and consists of the following contents: General music theory, aural training (intervals, chords, scales, notation of melodies and rhythm), classical and jazz harmony. To be well prepared, you should start this course about 2 years before the exam. This course is also interesting for all instrumentalists and singers who want to improve their musical skills.

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